Freedom Tour

“There have been times in American history when we have been able to form alliances across racial lines.  The fact is, that we don’t hear as much about that as we ought to.  And it’s important that we do, because it’s awfully hard to imagine that we can form racial alliances in the twenty-first century unless we understand that there is a strong tradition that we can draw upon.  And although there have always been hostilities – there have always been difficulties across racial lines – there have also always been some people who were able, and willing, to put their fortunes and their lives on the line for other people.  And that’s a tradition we need to draw on.  That’s the tradition of the Underground Railroad!”     (James O. Horton – Historian, Whispers of Angels)

The Freedom Tour is an engaging, interactive experience that moves disciples of Jesus into a deeper understanding of, and commitment to, true freedom and oneness in Christ.  The tour explores historic sites of the Underground Railroad, and the hidden places in our hearts, to inspire and educate participants to become allies and advocates – inside and outside the church – in the ministry of biblical reconciliation and holy justice.

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